We love the good and free pictures of Unsplash

A good story is a story with a great picture. The internet is filled with great stuff of course, but what about the rights? Are you allowed to use those pictures? That's where Unsplash comes in.

Unsplash is a site where a community of photographers shares a collection of tens of thousands pictures for free. And there is a lot of great stuff to find there. You don't even have to credit the makers, but we think you should always do that!

This is the vision of Unsplash:

We believe everyone is creative and that we have a responsibility to empower everyone to create. Creativity is a fundamental human need that is essential not only for progress but for feeling connected to the world and oneself. Our world is evolving rapidly. Manual to automated. Physical to digital. Earth to Mars. While we don’t know exactly where everything is headed, what we do know is creativity will be how we get there.

And these are the values of Unsplash:

  • Share. Remix, rework, recreate. This only works if we all take part. So share, manipulate, and reshare.
  • Care. While the Unsplash License allows you to share without the limitations of copyright, this doesn’t mean we should ignore the work of our contributors if we can help it. It is not required but when possible, support artists willing to offer their work by giving credit.
  • Create. Art only exists because of other art. What you build becomes the next material that inspires the next artist. Without creation we have nothing so go make something.

We like!
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