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Hey, we're not against Facebook here at Stek HQ at all. They did a great job in making it easy to internationally connect with old and new friends. But you can see every day why it's important to control your own media and to build your own community.

We at Stek love our friends and families. Facebook is a great place to follow them and interact with them. But besides that there are artists we like, there are media companies that are valuable, there are products we love. That's why we like their pages. That's why we want their stories in our timelines. That is our choice.

But Facebook likes to choose for us. They think it is valuable that they decide to make the stories from pages less important, to show them less and less on our timelines. If you really want to be seen, you have to go for adds and you have to pay more and more.

If you build your business on someone else's platform, you are dependent on what that party does. And we truly believe that you should always be as independent as possible.

We don't say 'don't use Facebook or Twitter or whatever'. But we do say 'use other platforms cleverly'. Be of value to the people that are there, but always with the goal to be the owner of the relationship with your clients, fans or colleagues. So start close to home. Have your own site for starters. Have your own blog where you add value to your audience. That should always be your home-base. People need to know where you live!

And build your community there as well. Start a newsletter to share your stories, begin a forum or a social platform around a topic or product. That way you own your stories and you own the relations with your fans or customers. That is important when you want to share a tip to your customers, tell your fans that your band is going on tour, publish news on the subject your magazine publishes about.

And you know us, to have all the control and freedom, don't hesitate to go for open source tools if possible. Because in that case you know your tools will always exist in the future and your data will always be yours.

There are lots of good tools, so look around. But we like for example Ghost for blogging and Discourse as a forum. But if you are looking for other solutions, drop us a line at and we'll help you to take control!

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Erwin Blom

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