Forget Facebook, your community is yours!

Did you see this news on Facebook? That they are doing a test where they leave all the posts of company pages out of the normal timeline? In the test, they are moving company stories to an explore tab. You can only remain in the normal timeline if you pay for that ...

What does that learn you? That it's hard to trust the internet giant. That they can change their policy every day. And that from that moment onwards, like in this test, you lose 60% of interactions with your fans, members or customers. That's a drama, right?

Facebook is a really important player when you want to reach an audience. But don't make them more important then necessary. Keep control where you can. Don't be dependant on an external platform.

That's why we say: your community is yours. Keep it close to you. Remain the owner of your relations. How do you do that? Well for example by using one of the open source community tools that are around. With open source tools you are the owner of the data, of the relations, of the software. You can do it yourself, but we at like hosting and updating the best tools for you. And you can take everything with you whenever you want to move ...

These are three of the tools we love:

  • Discourse. Discourse is a modern day forum. A great tool to facilitate the conversation between fans, members of clients. Try for free.
  • Mattermost. Mattermost is a more chat-like environment. It is like Slack but then open source. Try for free.
  • HumHub. Everyone who knows Facebook, will feel at home with HumHub. If you want HumHum installed drop us a note at

William White

Erwin Blom

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