Combine the power of open with the necessity of closed

We at Stek are big fans of open innovation and open organisations. Tell what you know, show what you can do, build relations, start conversations. That's why we offer Discourse (forum) and Mattermost (chat). But even open organisations don't share everything with the world ...

The power of Mattermost and Discourse is that you can choose what you do. Open to veryone? Only for your colleagues? Limited access to a small group of people? It is all possible. And all in the same environment.

For example Discourse

  • Use Discourse as the comment section for your blog
  • Use Discourse as an open discussion environment for your community
  • Start a category only for you and your colleagues.
  • Use direct messages when you want to talk to only one person

For example Mattermost

  • Use Mattermost as the chat environment for your community
  • Make channels per topic and let people choose which one they want to be part of
  • Make a private channel for only you and your colleagues
  • Use direct messages when you want to talk to only one person

Both are really powerful conversational tools. Building blocks for open organisations!
Try Mattermost and Discourse for free!

Erwin Blom

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