Why we love Mattermost

Most of you will know Slack. But let us tell you, you should know Mattermost too! Mattermost is the open source version of Slack with a very active developer base. Very often it is earlier with new features (threaded comments for example) than Slack. We only bring you the tools we love! And from now on Stek is proud to offer you Mattermost!

What makes Mattermost great?

  • Mattermost is ideal for team communication. It makes it easy to organize chats and discussions in channels.
  • Mattermost is multi langual. There is a growing list of languages you can choose from.
  • Mattermost is flexible. It integrates the notification feeds of almost all external tools you like. So Mattermost becomes your dashboard for everything. With Zapier it is easy to automate that ... alt

OK, nice, but who is Mattermost for?

  • Mattermost is for groups or companies that want to share passion or knowledge. Gather around your online water cooler and chat.
  • Mattermost is for groups or organisations that want a central place for all their tools. Your dashboard of information and communication.
  • Mattermost is for people that want independence. Mattermost is the open source equivalent of Slack so you can always move your tool and all your data wherever you want.

Stek is proud to add Mattermost to our set of tools. For only 40 euro per month 100 people can join your Mattermost. Read more and try!


Erwin Blom

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