3 steps to content creation according to master Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck is special. The man is inspiring. He knows how to tell a story and how to make media. And he knows how to build a business. In another great blogpost he shares his lessons and gives you 3 steps to content creation. Here they are:

1. What

Ask yourself: what is it I am going to talk about? What is it you know or can or do that is interesting for the rest of the world?

You have to start with your manifesto. Your “what” and your “why.” What are you into? What do you want to do? Do you like health and fitness? Do you want to be in strategy? Do you like social media? Are you trying to sell sneakers?

Our story: we make the use of open source tools for publication, communication and collaboration easy for everyone. So that is exactly what we talk about in our blog. We help you work better together, explain how the tools work and introduce you to inspiring use cases.

2. How

Decide how you are going to tell your stories, Gary says. There is text, there is audio, there are immages (pictures / video). Pick the language you feel most comfortable with.

There are so many people in the world that shouldn’t be producing video because that is not the best way they communicate. The thing they don’t realize is that they are tremendous writers, and if only they were posting on Medium, they would win. When your strategy is right, everything starts to happen.

Our story: we speak more than one language ;-) We use the medium that fits the story best. Sometimes we write an article, but we use video as well when we want to show you how tools work for example.

3. Where

The last bit is distribution. Where are you going to tell your story? Where is your audience? How are you going to reach them?

A lot of people can tell me the what and why. FEW can actually get anyone to see it. This is called distribution. How do you get individuals to actually consume the content you create. There are really only 2 ways. Hacking culture and buying ads.

So buy Facebook or other ads to get your story across, but even better of course, use the strength of the platform and its users. Add value, make sure the right people see your stuff, do clever give aways, build relations.

Our story: we use more than one platform to get heard. We use our own blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to distribute our stories. And we are definitely going to use ads, but first and foremost we believe in adding value to potential users. We give insights, we give tips and tricks, we do interviews etcetera. And we target our posts to various groups and users by using the right hashtags and including the right people. We believe in organic growth.

Read the complete article by Gary Vaynerchuck. There's a lot of inspiring stuff in there!

And if you want start telling your story, try Ghost, our favorite blog platform!

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