Why you need a communication dashboard

Of course, all the new communications tools we have are great. Where would we be without Twitter, Facebook and what have you? But they make life complex as well. It's time-consuming to check all the tools. A communication dashboard to the rescue!

Let's tell you a little about Mattermost. Mattermost is a great tool that makes communicating in teams and groups easy and integrates the other tools you use too. Mattermost can be your central communication dashboard. It is the open source version of Slack.

How would that work? Say you work in company XYZ. Discussions in Mattermost are organized in channels. So you could make a channel for a team or a project. Or you could start a channel to discuss future business ideas or new product features.

And depending on your company or goals you could make the channels public or private. Let everyone be able to read or join all the channels or make them private so only certain people can be a part of the conversation.

It is possible to use Mattermost for your company or group only, but you can let external people join too. So have a section for your company only and have channels where you communicate with external partners or users.

OK, now you have the communication structure. And because there are Mattermost tools for mobile and desktop you are in touch with your colleagues or mates always and everywhere.

After that, you want to bring the external world in. Thanks to integration options you can bring all sorts of external messages in your system. Depending on what you want. For example:

  • If there is a @XYZ mention on Twitter you can get a notification in #social
  • If there is a mail for support@xyz.com, you can get a notification in #support
  • If there is a new subscriber to your Mailchimp, you can get a notification in #newsletter
  • If one of your colleagues posts a blog, you can get a notification in #blog
  • If someone buys a product online, you can get a notification in #sales

Etcetera, etcetera. Mattermost can be your companies dashboard. The place to get noticed and the place to discuss.

We love Mattermost. And we only offer you products we love. Interested in Mattermost? Drop us a line at hello@stek.io and we help you get started.

Andrew Neel

Erwin Blom

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