There is no formula for succes ... but you can learn a lot from hits

You can learn so much from other people. You can't copy their success stories, but their lessons and experiences can help you. Can inspire you, can convince you you are on the right track or should move into another direction ...

That's why we love open organisations, companies that share their stories and lessons. That are transparent about what they do and why. Carrd is a great example. AJ is the guy behind Carrd, a platform for building simple, responsive, one-page sites. His tool is great (not open source, but you can't have it all ;-)) and a success at the same time. How did he do all this on his own? He writes it down in The Making of Carrd. Read all about it, it's a great story.

Here are a few of his lessons we take with us on the journey of

Don't try to do too much

Limiting Carrd's focus from the get-go was ultimately the thing that made it feasible for one person to build something on this scale.

Don't fixate on competing products

Solely thinking of Carrd in relation to its competitors would have boxed me in and made it harder to come up with a unique vision of my own.

Plan away from the screen

I opted to do the vast majority of Carrd's planning on paper and whiteboard. This helped me think and plan) with much more clarity.

Have fun

I had an absolute blast building Carrd and I'm pretty sure the product directly reflects that 😄

Tim Mossholder

Erwin Blom

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