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Here are a few notes from a media veteran. I've been working in print, for radio and tv and in the online world for decades. Enough experience to give you some tips and tricks for your blog ;-)


Think good. Why do you want to blog? Do you want new customers for your company? Do you want your fans close to you as an artist? Do you want to position yourself as a specialist in your field of expertise? What do you want to achieve, who is your target audience and what are those people interested in? Get that straight before you start.


How do you help your audience? Start with that question. People can choose between millions of sources, to choose you you have to add something special. Write down 10 ideas for your blog. See how far you get. We can all start a blog, but keeping writing is another thing. So don't make the topics too big, you've got years of writing ahead of you! Divide large topics in small portions. That way you have more stories and you can go more in depth per post.


Learn from the world of magazines. When you start thinking about the content of your blog, think about formats as well. Formats guarantee diversity, make producing easier and help your audience. What do I mean? 'A week in links' could be a format, every friday a summary of the best articles in your field of expertise. 'Community Portrait' could be a format. Make your users visible in 5 questions. Etcetera.


Think about the tone of your blog. Some people start writing as a journalist for a newspaper or a magazine. I know how to do that. I've been there. But I would never do that in a blog. Internet is personal, so talk to your audience as if you are addressing them one by one. Build relations.


Make a content calendar. Think what frequency can work for you and stick to that. If you want to be a weekly make sure there is a new story every Monday, Friday or whatever. If a daily feels right to you, look for the best time in the day and stick to that. That's the most important thing: keep your promise, rhythm is important.


The process is the product, is my strong belief. When you build a product, when you sell stuff, when you write a book, not only the end result is interesting. The bits and pieces along the way, the experiences, the lessons and the insights are stuff your audience likes as well. So write about them, film them, etcetera.


I think your own blog is important for SEO reasons, to have your home base, to make it part of your website. But your content should end up where your audience already is too of course. So you want to be on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well. And you want your audience to tell their friends about your blog. So pay attention to shareability!

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Avi Richards

Erwin Blom

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