5 great examples of Ghost blogs

Ghost has been installed 1.5 million times. So we don't know precisely, but a lot of blogs have been built on our favourite blogging platform. Here are 5 examples!


Yeah Ghost is for the big and for the small. Relation site Tinder uses Ghost to tell the behind the scenes stories. A blog about product development.


Envato uses its blog as well to tell about their company. About pricing, about coaching, about new services. Blogs are ideal to do that. And Ghost makes blogging easy and good looking.

Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a tech influencer. A writer, a speaker, a trainer. He uses Ghost to sell his business and keep in touch with clients and fans.

Paradiso Labs

Leading Dutch club Paradiso has its own R&D projects. The stories are being told on Laradiso Labs.

SXSW Notebook

A Dutch collection of articles on tech festival South By South West.

And of course the blog you are reading now has been built on Ghost. Ghost is open source, so you can download and install it yourself if you want, but we at Stek.io are more than happy to do all the difficult stuff for you! We install, host and update. Try for free.

Erwin Blom

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