The power of small updates

Our favourite blog platform Ghost recently updated to version 1.0. But that was only the beginning. They are on a roll. They have been releasing small updates since. And that is smart! Here's why.

  • It is smart because as an organisation you can focus on a part of your product. Do that bit good and move on to the next.
  • It is smart because to the outside world it gives you room to zoom in on one feature of a product. Tell more, explain more, go deep.
  • It is smart because it gives you regularly news to share with the world. Market yourself as the active company you are. Tell one small story every month in stead of one big one every year. The process is the product!

These are two examples. Two companies we like.

Ghost / blogging platform

This happended in the last few weeks ...

Anchor / podcast platform

This happended in the last few weeks ...

As we've got small bits coming up for you too. We keep you updated! And you know, we make installing, hosting and updating open source software easy.

Try Ghost for example

Erwin Blom

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