Building blocks for open organisations

At we make installing, hosting and updating open source tools easy for everyone. In that sense everyone is our potential customer. So do you need tools to publish, communicate or collaborate? Take a look and start a free trial.

But within that wide range of companies and organisations, there are different groups that have our attention. In a series of blog posts we will describe them. This is the first one. provides building blocks for open organisations

There is a growing amount of companies out there that tear down their walls, that open the windows, that share with the world. Or that want to do that. Let's call them open organisations.

What do open organisations do?

  • They are transparent. Being open makes you accountable and trustworthy. That's why open organisations tell their stories in the open and share their knowledge with the world.

  • They co-create. The closer you are to your target audience, the better you understand them, the more you can give them what they want. That's why open organisations use the ideas and experiences of their crowd to make better or new products or services.

  • They collaborate. Sharing knowledge and experiences and working together efficiently makes products or services better. That's why open organisations find internal and external collaboration important.

Of course not every company is the same. Some want to go all the way, others open up partly. That's all up to you. But know that can supply you with all the building blocks open organisations need. You choose the tools you want, we make sure they work seamlessly together. And because we only use open source tools, you are flexible and independent.

You want an example? Buffer is a good example. It is a company that goes all the way.

Of course not everyone has to go as far as Buffer, but it is interesting to follow their journey. And because they tell that story to an interested audience of tens of thousands of readers, they market their company as well. And because they are open they are attractive to programmers, designers and marketers who like this kind of business. And because they tell stories, they get reactions and know what their customers think and like.

Open up, my friends!

Erwin Blom

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