Ghost is getting better and better!

We only provide you the open source tools we like. We love Ghost as a blogging platform because it looks good, works easy and Google loves Ghost posts. Your stuff is findable. Besides that ... Ghost is becoming better and better. Enter Ghost 1.0!

Ghost yesterday launched version 1.0 of the blogging software. Move over to Product Hunt and vote for Ghost if you like it.

What's new? Well ... if you've been using Ghost through you already now. Because we've been providing you with the beta version of the 1.0 Ghost. For who doesn't know, there have been huge improvements on the editor.

Our new editor offers a tremendous upgrade to that experience, with a cleaner design, a new toolbar, support for Markdown tables, CommonMark, Github-flavoured Markdown and multiple view options depending on whether you prefer a focused single column or a side-by-side preview.

But we already know that the editor is going to be even better. Because in one of the Alpha versions we've seen a more WYSIWYG kinda editor. With content blocks to fill your pages. That will be in the official version later this year. Really good!

But there's more.

We've given Ghost admin a fresh lick of paint, tidied up the settings area, re-jigged buttons, a better publishing workflow, and many other small visual improvements. Oh, and you can also filter the content screen now by post state, tag and author - so it's way easier to sort through large archives of content.

And this is only the beginning. The team at Ghost has huge plans and we want to be part of that. Interested? Ghost is open source so you can install it yourself or get a hosted version over there, but if you want your life easy, safe and secure, for a monthly fee of 15 euro per month we take care of all the hard stuff too! Read about it and try.

Erwin Blom

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