Why your own blog remains essential

Of course you need to be where your audience is, so it's important to publish on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, etcetera. But ... don't forget to keep your own blog, magazine, site. Here is why.

Be independent

Facebook is great in many ways. But frustrating in as many others. We don't know what Facebook does with its algorithms, we don't know when they decide to make your company less visible when you don't promote your content with paid ads. But we know that a like of this year only has the fraction of impact of the like of last year. The same sort of dependency goes for the other social platforms.
So at Stek.io we don't say you shouldn't be active on those media. Of course you should. But don't be dependent on them. Make your home base as strong as possible. Have your own site, promote your own domain, make sure people know where to find you, whatever happens.

Be original

On the social media you can only look the way the rest looks. There is no flexibility in the look and feel of your stories. On your own site there is. There you can give your story character and uniqueness.

Be in control

Medium is a great platform. And because there are a lot of people on the platform, there is a chance that they are going to find your content. But how sure can you be that Medium is still around in a years time? They are having a very hard time finding a working business model. I wouldn't count on them. Where can you count on? On your own site on your own domain.

Be structured

Have you ever tried to find back relevant info in a social platform? Almost impossible. With good structured content (tags, categories) in a blog you can. And with a good search functionality you can.

Be findable

Google loves original content. Google loves blogs. If you make a habit of telling your stories and sharing your knowledge, Google will recognise that and promote you in the search results. With my Dutch language site Fast Moving Targets we've been interviewing more than 500 digital frontrunners. Because of that high quality content, our videos will always be in the top results when you look for the name of one of our guests.

This blog is brought to you by Stek.io. We encourage you to install and set up your own site with for example open source tools Wordpress or Ghost, but if you want easiness and reliability let us do it for you. We love Ghost and can do the installing, hosting and updating for a monthly fee of 15 euro. And you can always leave and take your site with you.

Erwin Blom

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