5 ways to help your community with Discourse

As you know, we don't build the tools we offer. We make installing, hosting and updating open source software easy for everyone. And we are critical. We select only the tools we use and like. And we see a lot of potential in Discourse for groups, teams and communities. 5 use cases ...

Facilitate the conversation for your community

Discourse is an ideal modern forum. Easy to use, simple to understand. Good for people asking questions, giving answers, talking about products and use cases.

Make it a self-service help desk

Your users know a lot about your product. And they are willing to share that knowledge. Stimulate self-service with the community power of Discourse. Give people badges (starter, pro, guru, whatever you like) to make their role clear and to promote activity.

Assign and solve

The great thing about Discourse is that you can assign topics to your team members as well and mark stuff solved. Transparency to your users. And most of the time, solving one problem for one person in the open means solving it to a lot of others too.

Use it to generate ideas

When you have your community on board you can start a category for product development. Let people come up with wishes and ideas. And let others vote for it. And after that, start discussing this with your users.

Make it your internal place for conversation

What works for the outside world, works for the inside world too. Your internal community. You can make topics and categories private, so only your team has access. Then Discourse is ideal as an internal communications platform.

When you are a techie with time on its hand, Discourse is open source so install it yourself. When you want easiness and reliability, Stek.io does the hard work for you so you can concentrate on what really matters to you. Go to Stek.io to learn more about Discourse and try it for free.

Erwin Blom

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