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It is a question we get. And rightly so. What is for? Who is your target audience? Here is our answer! is for everyone, but first and foremost targets at teams and companies that want to make internal and external collaboration easy and efficient and that find keywords like open, flexible, easy, safe and secure important. We make installing, hosting and updating open source software simple and let you choose the modules you need for your team to publish, communicate and collaborate.

Do you work for a company that wants to work together more efficiently internally? offers you Stekpad (working together on collaborative docs), Mattermost (permanent in contact thanks to a great chat environment), EspoCRM (track your (potential) customers in a CRM tool) and Mautic (automate your marketing procedures).

Are you part of a brand that wants to connect with fans? offers you Discourse (facilitate the conversation in a modern forum), Innovation Hunt (bundle creativity in the idea box for the future) and (a real-time communication tool for internal and external use).

Are you working for an organisation that wants citizens to participate in innovation and decisions? offers you Innovation Hunt (bundle creativity in the idea box for the future), Lime Survey (know what your audience thinks and wants with good survey software), Liquid Feedback or Loomio (take the right decisions together).

In all cases: you pick the modules you need and we make sure you can use them as a team. One account for all tools, easily installed. Flexibility is our middle name. So add or remove tools whenever you want, every month you can change.

We can deliver you all the mentioned tools, let us know what you're interested in at And if there are tools that you miss, let us know too. This is only the beginning! is the name!

Erwin Blom

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