7 powerful characteristics of Hackpad

We adopted collaborative docs tool Hackpad. We work on the open source branche, we made public version Stekpad free available to everyone and we have a paid version if you want your Hackpad private. Have a look at Stekpad for all the details.

Why are we such big fans of Hackpad? Because of it's simpleness, and it's flexibility. This is the power of Hackpad:

Content creation. Writing articles or letters together can't be easier.

Content organization. Hackpad makes it really simple to link pads to each other and cross-reference with tags.

Ideas and discussions. Drop your ideas in a Hackpad and ask others to join the conversation.

Sharing In a public Hackpad you can choose to open up your doc to everyone. If you want you can embed pads on external sites.

Keeping minutes. Take real time notes during meetings and do it together.

Wiki. Keep your crucial information always up to date in living documents. For example your styleguide or your F.A.Q.

To do lists. Organize your team, keep each other updated on progress.

Move over to Stekpad to start using Hackpad for free and to read about the migration tools we built if you want to move over from Hackpad.com to your own install or to Stekpad.

Have fun! We are happy Hackpad users!

See our Hackpad on Hackpad .... Add your own wishes!

View To do list Stekpad on Hackpad.

Erwin Blom

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