You've got 7 days to move from Hackpad!

In 7 days (July 19), will be taken down. Of course, you can move your stuff to Paper which is a great service too, but if you want to keep on working with the Hackpad you love, move over to Stekpad!

We at (we want to make installing, hosting and updating open source software easy for everyone) love Hackpad and we hate to see the tool go. We love the concept of collaborative docs to work together and write together. That's why we've adopted the now open source tool. We commit ourself to Hackpad in various ways:

  • We launch Stekpad, a free hosted Hackpad service for public collaboration.
  • We maintain and develop the open source hackpad/hackpad branch. Developers and other users, join us on Github to make Hackpad even better!
  • We built an open source tool to migrate from to your own Hackpad install and published it on Github.
  • If you want to move your stuff from to Stekpad, we help you migrate.
  • We introduce a paid Hackpad-service for teams on your own subdomain. We install, host and update so you can concentrate on the rest. See

Are you interested in migrating and using our open source tools? Do you want to start using Hackpad? Move over to Stekpad and we explain you how!

For people that want to migrate, you have only 7 days left!

Erwin Blom

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