Why we love Discourse

At Stek.io we make installing, hosting and updating open source software a one click experience. We are building a growing set of tools, but start with Ghost, Discourse and Hackpad to choose from. Why Discourse?

1) Discourse is a modern forum
2) Discourse makes discussing and brainstorming easy
3) Discourse is a user friendly and well designed tool
4) Discourse makes sharing links and media simple
5) Discourse is what you want it to be: a forum, a chat, a wiki, a mailinglist

Discourse is civilized discussion for your team, customers, fans, advocates, patrons, audience, users, friends, community.

At Stek.io we want you to make most of the tools we offer. That's why we work hard at a growing collection of how to videos. Here's the first batch to help you get started with Discourse.

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Erwin Blom

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