So long Hackpad! And welcome back!

We at Stek have always been fans of Hackpad, an easy and stylish way of working together on texts or projects. Call it a wiki on steroids or a todo app that's fun to use.

It was good news for the team that started Hackpad that Dropbox acquired them. And compliments to them: they made Dropbox Paper a great tool to work with.

But we were and are fans of Hackpad. The tool has been open sourced, but it has been sleeping for too long. That's why we decided to adopt Hackpad. We put time and energy in waking the tool up. We want to be one of the parties developing Hackpad again.

So download and install Hackpad and join forces with us to make it better. And if you're not technical yourself, don't worry, when we launch, Hackpad will be one of the hosted tools we offer as a service.

This is our Hackpad fork at Github, join us!

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“Street art collaboration” by Kirk Olson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Erwin Blom

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