The art of onboarding

We're getting closer to an early release of Stek. We call it the friends and family release. People really close to us that help us make Stek good enough for a bigger audience. That help us to get rid of the bugs and the unclear elements of the site.

Mark and Dimi are working really hard at that. I'm looking at the other site of the site. How can we help our future customers as good as we can to make most of Stek and the tools we offer? In the future we will have lots of how to videos and we will have templates for ways of working (this is how you build a community), but we want to have direct contact with our audience as well.

That's why we're implementing Intercom at the moment. That's a set of tools that help you to be a good online helpdesk. A part of it is onboarding, how can you help people find what they are looking for and how can you turn them into customers. And after that: how can you make them happy customers? How can you be there when they need you and how can you be pro active in teaching them to use the tools?

Intercom has got the following elements:

  • Acquire. A chat function on the site. Ask the questions you have and we will answer as soon as possible! We can set auto messages too like 'Welcome!' or 'Where have you been?' when you haven't used Stek for a while. See the chat-option working on Stek!
  • Engage. With engage we can make follow up campaigns. For example we can send you a message when the end of your trial period is near. Or we can send you ten tips to make most of blogging in ten days if you're interested.
  • Educate. Thanks to Intercom we have a Frequently Asked Questions section with a really good search element where you can look for the answers to the questions you have. Take a look.

Intercom is brilliant. But of course it's all about how you use it. When I compare Intercom to the personel of a shop, you want the workers to be around when you have a question, but you don't want them to be annoyingly upfront. So for example, do we give you the chat popup immediately or do we let you look around for a bit? And how long do we give you the time on your own? We now have a pop up after 30 seconds.

For us the chat option is to make clear we're there if you need help, not to stick onto you and not let go before you have your account. Of course we hope to convince every visitor into a paying customer. But we think we shouldn't do that by pestering you. We hope to do that with the quality of the tools and the quality of the support.

It's a thin line between doing this good and doing this bad. We are going to find out. So don't hesitate in giving us feed back. We want to learn!

And of course, take a look at Stek to see Intercom in action!

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