Our first stack of tools

For who doesn't know: with Stek.io we want to make open source tools accessible for non techie people. We want to make installing and hosting the best tools a one click experience.

At the moment we're building the infrastructure to do that. So in the near future no person is needed to get a blog or a forum up and running. While we're working on that, we don't want you to have to wait to get started. So if you're interested, drop us a line via mail to hello@stek.io and we'll get you for now running by hand! The personal touch!

In the future we'll have a whole list of tools. But we start with three tools to choose from:

  • Tell stories: start blogging with Ghost
  • Discuss ideas: begin a forum with Discourse
  • Collaborate: work together with Hackpad

How we choose the tools? In the future we will of course ask you, the user, to tell us what you think and what you want. But we start with the tools we love that can compete with the non open source quality out there. So the fact that is open source is a bonus on top of the delivered class. The tools are good anyway.

This blogpost is brought to you by Stek.io. We make installing, hosting and updating the best open source tools a one click experience. Stek.io makes publication, communication and collaboration with tools like Ghost, Discourse and Hackpad easy, safe and secure.

“Collaborators” by Chad K is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Erwin Blom

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