No Code!

This is a personal story. As a non techie I have been working with open source tools for decades. And I have been frustrated with those tools at the same time.

Why? Not because of the tools, very often they are great. Not because of the people building them either. The power of a dedicated group of people working together is a beautiful thing.

Why? Because I've always felt an outsider being no coder myself. A lot of open source projects are very tech centered. And I understand that. The builders of the projects are most important.

But what about us, the users? We use the product every day, we can help make the product better. We can give imput on how to make the tools accessible for a big audience. Most of the time, open source projects don't have that room.

That's one of the reasons it is still hard for a non techie to install and start using open source tools. With Stek we want to change that. We want to make it easy for the masses to start using open source tools. We want to make installing and hosting tools like a blog, a forum or a project management app a one click affair.

On this blog you will read the story of the non techie of Mark Pors and Dimi Balaouras are the other two founders. They are going to make sure that this one click experience is going to work!

I will write about the tools we supply but will write about others tools that democratize technology as well. When a tool is Blom-proof everyone can use it! ;-)
No Code is the idea!

Erwin Blom

This blogpost is brought to you by We make installing, hosting and updating the best open source tools a one click experience. makes publication, communication and collaboration with tools like Ghost, Discourse and Hackpad easy, safe and secure.

“Collaborator” by Banalities is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Erwin Blom

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